Kosher in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor shoppers have access to an impressive array of kosher products, from the mundane to the haute gourmet. All of the major grocery chains stock kosher items and the thrill of finding a new and exciting tidbit is just around the corner. The list below details some of the specialty items and where they may be found:

Many of the stores increase their offerings during the pre-Pesach shopping frenzy. It is possible to outfit your kitchen for Pesach without getting on the expressway.

Krogers 3615 Washtenaw (tel: 734-677-2370)
This branch carries: Fresh meat inclding lamb, fresh Empire poultry. (Thurs. delivery) Frozen Empire poultry, entrees from Empire, Meal Mart and others.  Note: deli counter is not under supervision. Several brands of Kosher hot dogs and luncheon meats (packaged). Packaged breads and other bakery produces from several manufacturers.  Sabra and Oasis salads and appetizers. Kosher aisle with Osem, Hadar, Streit’s, Rokeach, etc. products. Impressive kosher cheese and dairy section including imports from Europe. Cholov Yisrael milk and yogurt.

Busch’s ValuLand 2240 S. Main (tel: 734-998-2666)
Packaged fresh meat and fresh Empire poultry.(Thurs. delivery). Kosher aisle with various products.

Whole Foods Market 3135 Washtenaw Ave. at Huron Parkway
(tel: 734-975-4500)
Specializes in organic and natural products, some available with hechsher.

Trader Joe’s 2398 East Stadium Blvd (In the Lampost Plaza)
(tel: 734-975-2455)
Kosher food including fresh beef, Empire poultry, and Challah available.

Gordon Food Service Marketplace 3800 Carpenter Rd. (tel: 734-677-2500)
Caters to institutional needs with bulk items but does stock Eli’s Cheescakes from Chicago and other frozen baked goods with a hechsher.